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Ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered here today to answer an age old question: who here does the best impression of Logan? You be judged on voice, body language, and overall lack of flair. Everyone will perform the same scenario: Logan eating a marshmallow for the very first time.I tell them how long it been and old that starts to sound like.They keep telling me Yuugi doesn top.And I justI mean we talking preferences hereeveryone has their own and nothing will change thatbut the fact that people seem to flat out ignore what I saymakes me quite annoyed to be honestI would be happy if the major respons for top!Yuugi wasn surprise or shockand I would be happier if more people would actually consider itnot necessarily follow it blindlybut give it some thinkingtalk to otherslook into it a bit more just to see what it all aboutinstead of just right off saying NOPE NEVERRRRRthere has been too many people like this latelygoddammit peoplesorry for the rantpuzzleshippingI don feel like ever do top!Atem againVillains of the Hogwarts HousesSince the common occurrence in the book series is that Slytherin = bad, you don really get exposure to how villains of other houses work, and how to identify them (except in the case of Peter Pettigrew, and he was more of a man with weak character than a true villain). This leads to lazily typing every villain you come across as Slytherin because they seem like this list of characters (all the death eaters)..

This time, the viewer can drag and release them to make them fall into the floor, which takes them into a new location and different part of the film (based on the idea they’re losing and regaining their ‘edge’ in different ways). There are five different locations in total, including a rooftop, a college library and the Portland waterfront. The film also contains hidden ‘Easter Eggs’ which can be discovered by playing with the characters.

More stocks are owned by foreign investors than by the lower half of the US income spectrum. About 35% of stocks are owned by foreign investors, according to the Tax Policy Center. All told, only about half of families own stocks, part of a downward trend.

Amid the initial chaos before sunrise Sunday, the Coast Guard was able to rescue 20 of the 24 people on board the Golden Ray, a 656 foot ship that was leaving the Port of Brunswick in St. Simons Sound with 4,000 vehicles when it listed to one side and tipped over. The ship had 10 South Korean and 13 Filipino crew members and an American pilot, The Associated Press reported, citing South Korea’s foreign ministry..


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