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UV protection (ultraviolet ray protection) is important if you plan to be outdoors any length of time. Your eyes are very sensitive to the rays of the sun whether you realize it or not. Without UV protection, your eyes are exposed to harmful ultraviolet rays that could do permanent damage to your retina.

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Fellow digital nomad Casey Rosengren, the founder of Hacker Paradise, a traveling community for developers, has learned the same lesson I have. Think the most important thing is having a routine and prioritizing it wherever you go, he says. Will call gyms up in advance when I switching locations to make sure they have the gear I looking for, so once I land, I know where to go.

The test was performed on the Samsung browser 3.2 installed on a Samsung ZenZero device running Android 5.1.1 ZenZero is said to be the internal name of the Galaxy Note 5 Edge. The browser got 503 points, which is a great score the best faring currently available mobile browser Chrome 39 scores 493. Dubbed Password Alert, the free, open source extension is also available to Google for Work customers, including Google Apps and Drive for Work..


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